Free SEO Report

CBW offer FREE SEO reports for any website, we offer an in-depth SEO report for your website and feedback to you any issues your website may have.

You may choose to get a FREE SEO report for the following reasons :

  • Your website is not getting any traffic/or gets low traffic
  • You may be concerned that certain areas of your website are not working properly
  • You want to compete on the top page for desired keywords and want to check the cost

What we need

We need to know what keywords you want to rank for, and which search engine or engines you want to rank well on, we then search for those terms, we will assess the competition. Then we will look into your website in great detail to check that your website is or can be set up to target those key phrases.

We will then feed all the information back to you, tell you if there’s any issues with your website, and recommend to you whats required to rank well for your desired keywords.

Why is it FREE ?

We offer FREE SEO reports free of charge as we like people to come see what we do, find out a bit more about SEO and some people who do get a FREE SEO report sometimes take out one of our SEO plans.

Most SEO companies offer Free SEO Reports and can give valuable information on your websites performance which you can then use to try to improve your online presence.

Just fill out our contact form for your Free SEO Report today.