Website Submission Offer

For just £69 we will create a Google Places for your website, set up Google Analytics, submit your site manually to the major search engines and manually submit your website to the relevant business listings that actually help your website.

Google Places

All of the above are all required to help your website on the search engines. If you’re looking to rank well for a particular keyword in a certain area then a Google map will now  help your website rank well. This is a recent change by Google and has a factor in ranking well in any area.

Google Analytics

We will also set you up with your own personal Google analytics account which will allow you to check your websites traffic, it’s a useful tool and tells you a lot of important information, how many visitors, what keyword they type to find your site, how long they stayed on the site and a lot of other information which is used to improve your websites performance.

Business Listings

There are millions of business listings you can get your website listed on, however our SEO staff know which ones are the best to get listed on and which ones Google gives any weight to. We manually submit your site to all the relevant ones which again gives you more exposure on the internet.

We can do all the above for any website and gets done properly by our SEO experts leaving you with a good start to building your online presence.